About & Resume 

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Toronto, Ontario.

I love working with colourful palettes and bold visual elements, creating functional and visually appealing designs. Design allows me to combine my passion for the fine arts and illustration as well as my love for organization and order. I have an aptitude for working in a variety of programs and tools, and a passion for packaging, branding, interaction, and communication design.

I have experience working with small tight-knit teams and am passionate about making meaningful connections with them in pursuit of collaborative success in new and innovative ways. I am also a fast learner who loves taking on new projects.

I recently completed my final semester in the York University/Sheridan College Bachelor of Design program. Please feel free to check out my resume and get in contact if you have any questions, comments or inquiries. I am currently looking for a job so maybe we could even work together too!