Advantage - Dungeons & Dragons Event Planning App

User Interface Design - Group Members: Rafael Flora, Kha Van Tran, Michelle Currie

Event planning is complicated in and of itself, but adding the specifics and nuances required to plan a Dungeons & Dragons game introduces a whole new layer of complexity to it. No solution out there is currently built to manage D&D game event management. Current tools are either too general, not offering the specific features required to plan a D&D game, too overwhelming, with complicated processes and confusing layouts, or unfriendly to new users in their complexity, not accessible for new players who want to find games who don’t necessarily know the process of signing up for a D&D night.

Advantage is a Dungeons & Dragons specific event planning app. Advantage aids in building a local community with simple onboarding and allowing new users to get acquainted into their local D&D community, empowering and simplifying the event creation process, allowing volunteers and organizers to feel accomplished and not overwhelmed in the complicated process of planning a D&D event, simple and easy to use event discovery and registration for users to easily find a game to play, no matter their schedule.

Colours were kept to a minimal in the app. Designing within our system we used red as a main CTA, and monochrome for the rest of the UI. Secondary colours were used to highlight the characters and background illustrations within the app. To help make users feel more at home and familiar with the app, we used SF Pro as our font. With its sans serif style and ensured readability by Apple, we found it offered not only familiarity but accessibility when it came to our designs. To keep our layout consistent, we used a 6 column grid with 16pt margins and gutter, using the 8pt grid to keep things aligned.

Welcoming and In Depth Onboarding
New players and organizers are able to sign up through an in-depth and friendly onboarding process, easing new users into the world of Dungeons & Dragons while also giving organizers the important information needed to find out attendee information and volunteer availability for games.

Approachable Event Discovery and Forums
A simple interface reduces friction in finding local events and games for players to sign up and volunteer for. Forums allow for messages and important information from administrators never to get lost.

Accessible and Informative Game Creation
Game creation and event creation is easy for organizers new and old. Saving your progress allows you to take a break, and a progressive and in-depth system allows users to get informed about each step, ensuring no confusion in the creation process.

Various Simple Communicative Functions
Multiple ways for organizers and volunteers to connect with players to inform them on a variety of game-related information in ways that can be easily sorted and that can be accessed based on event or game sign-up. This allows administrators to update and assist a wide variety of players with ease.