A Variety of Projects

Packaging and branding concept I created for a design challenge. Port Dover Candies is a small local farmer's market business who creates sustainable, local, and healthy gummies.

Branding for a small local online bakery that specializes in colourful, fun, and creative sweet treats.

A series of illustrations featuring all the major invasive insect species of Canada.

The ‘Fit-In’ safe injection site public awareness campaign is an attempt to educate the general public on safe injection sites. Please see here fot the entire case study.

A series of mockups I designed an created during my time working at Weston Foods for the proposed rebranding of ‘Turkey Ready’ pre-seasoned stuffing bread.

During the summer, in my free time, I enjoy creating cards by picking, pressing, and laying out flowers. This series is from the summer of 2019.

Poster that was created as part a set of POS for  Valentines Day 2020.

An adhesive-free paper box concept I created as an exercise in my ‘Package Design’ class. Please see here for its construction.