Your First Cookbook

Editorial Design

Cooking, like any new skill in the beginning, is difficult to get into and get good at. Many college-age young-adults must face this challenge head on as cooking becomes a new reality and necessity as they move away from home. Too many develop an early dependency on eating out and ordering in but who can blame them with their hectic and overwhelming new school schedules. It is hard to go out of your way to learn any of the multitude of complex recipes found online and expensive for the tight budget of these youth; nobody has time to look through dozens of recipes and plan complex meals.

This cookbook offers a compact solution to any beginner on a budget and suffering from lack of space in their kitchen and fridge shared with however-many roommates and a desire to learn. These recipes are healthy and cover all areas of the food pyramid, with a focus placed on bring vegetables into every young adult’s diet. They are low-ingredient (and low-cost) recipes to get anyone and everyone started in the kitchen. They can easily be improved and added upon and cover a wide-variety of tastes and preferences.